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Lavazza: Italy’s Leading Coffee Company
Lavazza: Italy’s Leading Coffee Company

A great family business, a history of passion for coffee

From a small grocery store opened by Luigi Lavazza over 120 years ago, Lavazza is synonymous to excellent Italian espresso in over 90 countries. Today, Lavazza is not only Italy’s leading coffee company but is one of the major coffee companies in the world. It operates in all business segments: at home, office,and food services. Always with a focus on innovation in consumption technologies and systems. Here’s some interesting facts behind one of the most famous and legendary companies in Italy.

The History of Lavazza

It all began when Luigi Lavazza opened the first Lavazza store in Via San Tommaso, Turin in 1895. The unassuming store was (and still is) located in the cosmopolitan city of Turin. He discovered the different origins and characteristics of the plant, the coffee, and studied the art of blending to satisfy the tastes of his customers. This was how the blends were born. Luigi’s expertise on blending different coffees made him very popular and led to gaining a loyal following. Over time, the small grocery store became a coffee shop that eventually became Luigi Lavazza S.p.A, now a coffee business that roasts some 3,000 tons of coffee daily.

Lavazza’s Innovation & Growth

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. was founded in 1927, in Corso Giulio Cesare 65. The company comprised Luigi Lavazza, his wife Emilia and his children Maria, Mario and Giuseppe, known as Beppe. They formed the Luigi Lavazza company, with capital of Lire 1.5 million. From these beginnings, the conquest of the province began with a fleet of vehicles and a sales network. It was during these years that Lavazza implemented Pergamin: packaging comprising two layers of paper that retains all the flavour of coffee. This enabled families to buy larger quantities of their coffee blend, and store it for several days at home. It was the first step towards the Lavazza packaging that we still see today in the stores. The coffee we buy today continues to be vacuum-packed. It was packaged this way for the first time in 1950.

This innovation changed the entire coffee market industry and helped Lavazza win over all the most demanding Italian customers, as well as the majority of coffee lovers worldwide. In 1982, Lavazza opened its first headquarters outside of Italy, in Vincennes, Paris. And that’s not all: after the foundation of the first foreign subsidiary, Lavazza Coffees Ltd was established in London, in 1990, to popularise Italian coffee in Great Britain. The company started to consider the whole of Europe as a domestic market.

Lavazza Coffee Today

Today, Lavazza is one of the most important coffee roasters in the world, currently operating in more than 90 countries with its export business at 60% of its total production. It has 11 subsidiaries and a wide network of distributors, indeed a passion without borders. Annually, Lavazza estimates 27 billion cups of Lavazza coffee is served around the world.

The history of Lavazza is that of a business which, for over 120 years, has pursued a company vision based on passion for work, for the product and the land in which it operates. These values have been ingrained in Lavazza’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs. Each family member who has worked in the company has helped it to grow, transforming it into the company it is today, yet still true to the qualities of passion and innovation inherited from Luigi Lavazza.

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